Words to think of for entrepreneurs


My favorite quotes from recent events:

Steve Blank (Lean Launchpad)

Big companies execute business models while startups search for business models.

Business Plan does not belong into entrepreneurial studies, because it has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.  Although it should be taught in English language studies, since it teaches you creative writing.

Lean Launchpad helps to find out if you are a visionary or you are hallucinating.

Guy Kawasaki (Evangelist)

There are bakers and eaters. Eaters see the world as a zero-sum game: if you eat more of a pie, I will get less of it. While bakers are able to bake a cookie, a cake or a pie. Be a baker.

Gagan Biyani (co-founder of Udemy, advisor to Lyft, CEO of Sprig)

In early stages competitors to startups are not other startups, but the existing markets and the status quo.

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