“Spine Chilling” Efficiency

Real fascinating customer experience.

The Customer Edge

My blood ran cold as I felt the hand tap my shoulder and a voice in a foreign accent asking if I was Mr Geerdts

Stories abound of harrowing experiences with officials in foreign companies, and I felt doubly vulnerable as I was travelling with family – small kids and a bunch of luggage. To be accosted by a uniformed official who knew my name, had to be ominous. My family was checking in for the long-haul home and the idea of being held back unnerved me.

However, apprehension quickly turned to relief and then amazement as the well-dressed representative of Singapore Airlines explained she had noticed I was checking in and wanted to settle a refund that the Airlines owed me.

Within minutes, in her office, she had me sign a pre-completed document, authorised a colleague to dispense a wad of dollars, and sent me back to my family…

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