Teen Entrepreneurs: Building a Micro Business

I just have to brag about some teens I’ve run into lately. Teens tend to get the bad rap of being disobedient, rebellious, and lazy. Well that is not what I’m seeing! I have come across several hard-working teens who have started their own micro-businesses. I’m featuring 3, but I could have featured at least 6 more—I just didn’t have their pictures ;) What excites me is that these teens are using their talents and learning about business at the same time. I have my own entrepreneurial bent but I didn’t learn many of these things until well after college!

Building a micro business for teens

What is a micro business?

A micro business is any small business run by one person that can be started easily, quickly, and with little start up money.

Teen entreprenuers

Our local home school book fair allows young entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their wares. This young teen did a fantastic job selling her homemade baked goods. She got 5 stars for presentation and taste! Not only is she a great baker, but very creative as well. Another venture she started was Princess Camp. For one week parents could send their 4yr. – 7yr. old daughters to princess  day camp for a small fee. She and her friend held princess tea parties, crafts, dances and more! I thought that was a fantastic idea and a great way for a teen to make some extra money on an event.

Mackscards on Etsy

Mackenzie opened up her own Etsy shop where she sells handmade cards. She has been working hard stocking her shop and creating new designs. Check out what she has to offer! I have several of her cards (and several will be showing up in a future giveaway)– it is always nice to send a handwritten note or card.

Morgan: Across the Stars

Morgan is a 17yr. old published author! She has just released her new book Across the Stars. She even made this nifty trailer about her new book! I’m so impressed! She wrote a book! I have a hard time writing a blog post let alone a book! ;) I encourage you to check out her new site and maybe even pick up the book! ;)
My own teens have their own businesses going. My 13yr. old son has done lawns for a couple years now– and has made enough to buy his own riding lawn mower. My 15yr. old daughter babysits and also helps me with Pinterest. She creates Pinterest boards and curates content. She’s willing to take new clients  too ;)

How does a teen start their own business?

One resource that my teens and I have used is (afflink) Starting a Micro Business for Teens by Carol Topp. I did a short review on the book a couple years ago. I had been planning on writing this post for a while and when I opened my email this morning I saw that she is hosting a free webinar on Building a MicroBusiness for Teens on Monday 7/29.

Starting a Micro Business by Carol Topp

I highly recommend her teen business series of books. They are easy to read and understand. Be sure to check out her site too for more helpful business tips.

Does your teen have a business or plan to have a business? What tips do you have for helping teens start their own micro business?


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