Norwegian firm, IMED launch incubator to support SMEs

The Norwegian Society for International Development  (NorgesVel) and the Institute of Management and  Entrepreneurship Development  (IMED) have launched a  Tanzania Renewable Energy  Business Incubator (TAREBI) to  support SMEs.

The incubator was launched at  the weekend by TAREBI’s  Project Manager, Francis J. Rwebogora.

“The major goal of the project is to support development of local renewable energy enterprises across the country, he said noting that the local renewable energy will contribute to global CO2 emissions reductions and the goal of averting environmental and economic threats from climate change by using renewable energy.

“We have decided to come-up with this new project after identifying that the current unsustainable production and consumption of charcoal has resulted in negative environmental impacts such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity,water catchments and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG),”he said.

TAREBI will help SMEs create new job opportunities, help people in rural and urban areas access electricity for domestic and commercial uses, conserve environment, generating revenues for the country and raise their income.

During the implementation, Incubation services that will be provided to SMEs and entrepreneurs include individual assistance to develop business and personal development plans and application for funding to help them advance their businesses. Others include training on negotiation skills, coaching, communication skills, marketing and branding strategies,finding and working with investors or financiers.

Also a network with financing institutions, capital providers, authorities, industry and universities, office, meeting and renewable energy enterprises reference library art IMED foundation where they can meet clients, mentors, fellow renewable energy entrepreneurs a

nd get information on the market, financiers, trends and technologies.

“We invite interested SMEs and entrepreneurs across the country to apply for incubation services because this has been designed for them to facilitate the development of renewable energy across the country,” he said.

The project aimed at improving availability of electricity through renewable energy sources in rural areas; contribute to the global environmental objective to abate greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable energy to provide electricity by supporting small renewal energy power projects.

Tanzania faces significant power shortages, the power system’s security and supply reliability is inadequate and highly dependent on hydro power,which is susceptible to drought. TAREBI project is expected to yield development benefits and it will enable sustainable electricity provision to promote economic development and increase rural access to electricity.



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