7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

Every great business started with an exceptional idea. The better developed the plan the better the chance of success. For everyone that wondered if there is a surefire design for business success I can only say every plan is different, but a few common steps will be important to tapping the potential of any business idea.


  1. Dream Big – Part of the reason many business plans fail is they don’t dream big enough. They seem content to pattern what they do after something that has already proven successful. What is it about your dream that sets it apart from everyone else? What will you provide that no one else does?
  2. Don’t Rush – Like a good pot of stew let your idea simmer for a while. As you retrace your steps through the plan you may find concepts that need adapting and little considered ingredients begin to enhance the flavor of your dream.
  3. Know Who You Are – Take the time to cast your business vision into an understandable set of directives. The better you understand yourself as a business the better you can brand your concept in the minds of potential and actual customers.
  4. Triple Check Laws Related to Your Idea – You may want to hire an attorney for this or simply engage in multiple calls making sure you have all the applications and licenses you need to take your business live.
  5. Determine Whom You Developed the Business For – This means you need to know whether your focus will be in the money you will make or the people you will serve. As backwards as it may sound it is likely you will make more money by focusing on the customer. When they are satisfied they reward you with repeat business and referrals.
  6. Never Assume You Have Arrived – There will always be revisions needed in your business. This may mean an alteration in product line up, a change in website design or even the potential addition of new products. Long-term resting is not an option.
  7. Marketing is a First and Foremost Duty – Contrary to what you may have heard products do not simply sell themselves. No matter how good your product may be there is great importance in letting people know about it. Don’t be timid. I know it may feel uncomfortable, but toot your own horn. Get testimonials and publish them. If you believe enough in your product to start a business based on that manufactured good then you should be equally excited to find ways to tell others.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, but I do believe the points are applicable to a greater or lesser degree to virtually all businesses. No one wants to fail, but not every entrepreneur takes the time to methodically interpret the architecture of the business plan. If they do they may not take the time to take the chisel to status quo ideas in favor of something that might become known as a revolutionary idea or concept. Many such concepts are the brainchild of entrepreneurs who waited long enough to understand and observe the brilliance of at least one prime business ingredient that is often overlooked.

By   Julia   Benson


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