Southern Man Uses $20 Bill To Explain How Much You’re Worth


Chad Prather has made quite a name for himself with his amazing anecdotes and stories that he shares with his thousands of fans on YouTube.

His recent video went viral when he explained why having a Southern Accent didn’t mean he was stupid, and if you watch his amazing video below, you’ll really begin to see how truly intelligent this cowboy really is!

Chad holds up a $20 bill and asks you if you want it. “While this $20 bill can be used for good, chances are, it’s seen a lot of bad.”

Then he begins to rip it up, and scar it, and put marks on it. “Still want it? Of course you do, because an authority higher than us gave it its value and nothing can take it away. Same with you, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’ve done, you still have worth.”

Even though Chad is reminded every single day of the things he’s done that he wishes he could take back, he still has self worth. Because something with greater authority than all of us gave us all a self worth.

It’s a simple message, and Chad is an amazing speaker, but if you have a chance to watch his video below, it’s a great reminder of how much you’re valued. And it’s a whole lot!

paul By Paul Morris


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