21 Sentences You Should Never say in an Email for Any Reason Ever [Infographic]

Are you committing these unforgivable email sins? Here’s how to stop… before it’s too late.
CREDIT: Getty Images

If you’re like me, email is the bane of your personal and professional existence.

Why? Because of the estimated 205 billion emails sent per day, the vast majority of them suck. “Wow… it’d be great if I got longer, more confusing, repetitive, and irrelevant emails,” said no one ever.

Of course, there are plenty articles dedicated to improving your email etiquette. Knowing your audience, proofreading before you send, using a meaningful signature block, and responding in a timely manner are obvious.

The problem is: What you don’t include is even more important than what you do. You might think you’re polite and thorough, when really you’re just annoying or–even worse–cruel.

To save you from that fate, here are the 21 sentences that you should never include in another email… ever.

21 Sentences You Should Never Include_35885.png


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