3 Simple Steps On Using Twitter to Quit Working (and Find the Perfect Business)

When I say “Quit Working”, I don’t mean quit “doing stuff.”Using Twitter

I’m talking about a life that lets you get up every day and do something you care about.

Laying on a beach or playing golf every day sounds great, but most people get bored with that after a day (or week) or two.

Humans (which I understand is the majority of the readers of this blog) are hard-wired to “do stuff.” We have to do stuff that matters.

There are many great tools out there that help you do that, and one of the best is Twitter.

Here are three simple steps on using Twitter to quit working for someone else doing something you don’t care about and start a life that lets you do the work you most want to.

1) Begin a conversation about a topic you FREAKING LOVE

Why spend all your time working on a business that’s based on something you don’t give a hoot about?

Start off with a topic that really gets you excited. Something that you could talk about for decades and never get tired of it.

Enter into already existing conversations with influential people around a topic that excites you and build your own following with other people who are interested in the same topic.

The great thing about using Twitter is that it has a relatively level playing field. There’s nothing stopping you from engaging with the top influencers on your topic.

2) Figure out what people are struggling with

The key part of this conversation is figuring out what areas of this particular subject other folks are having issues with.

What are they concerned about? What do they need help with? What do they believe would change their situation?

These are key questions to ask — just be sure to participate and add value in the conversation first.

Every product or service addresses some problem or need that some people have.

By beginning this conversation around those problems, you are identifying an area where there is demand (people who want, or even desperately need) solutions to their problems.

3) Start selling something

“What? Sell?, easy for you to say!”

OK, anyone who’s considering starting a business usually has that same reaction — it’s hard, isn’t it?

Well, selling appears to be hard sometimes, but that’s usually for one of two reasons:

a) You don’t really care about what you are selling — maybe you don’t even believe in it. That’s not the case if you follow these three steps (refer back to step 1)

b) You are trying to sell something that people don’t want. Not a problem here, because you asked them. Remember step 2?

Starting a business is no easy task, but if you can learn what people want and get instant feedback about your product or service idea, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

It won’t be about “selling on Twitter,” it will be a simple matter of putting that product or service in front of the people who have already told you they want it. (By the way, you’re using Twitter to do that as well!)

It’s sort of like taking a test with the answer key in front of you.


Follow these three steps above using Twitter.  Doing so you’ll be able to quit work and soon have a business people want to buy from because they’ve just told you on Twitter exactly what their problem is and what they want to fix it.

This is a perfect way to start and validate a business.


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